Pre-meeting: Planning the project

Meeting in Langenfeld, Germany

The first meeting where there project was planned.


In March 2018 a pre-meeting in which teachers from Italy, Poland and Germany took part. It was organized in Bettine-von-Arnim-Gesamtschule in Langenfeld, Germany. During the  two-day meeting we  developed the main ideas of the project within Erasmus+ that we were going to introduce in our schools. 

We implemented the ideas discussed beforehand with our students and we agreed on the topic of our project ‘Olympic Games – Playing for Respect’  as well as the schedule of the mobilities.

We set the main objectives of the project and detailed tasks for each mobility.

We agreed that before each visit each country would have to complete homework tasks .

During that visit in Langenfeld we got to know each other as it was the first time we had met. It was a very busy time as a result of which we managed to create a good project, which we implemented with great satisfaction over the last two years.



Schedule pre-meeting

The schedule of the meeting