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Erasmus+ Trip to Poland

Our Erasmus+ Trip to Poland

28th of September - 4th of October, 2019

Friday (28th Sept): On the first day the German Group arrived in Poland at 9.30 pm because the flight from Cologne was 1h late. After the flight a shuttle drove us to Gostynin, where we arrived at 23.30. Afterwards our host families picked us all up. My host family, for example, lived 15 minutes away from our assembly point in Gostynin.

Saturday (29th Sept): On the second day we had to get up early because there was planned a trip to Torun at 9.30. This was the first day we got to know the others nations Italy, Sweden and Poland a little bit better. When we arrived in Torun we had an English speaking tour guide who showed us some important „sports places“. We also made ginger bread by ouerself, learned something about the city Torun and Copernicus. After the trip when we arrived Gostynin, some mixed student groups went to the Pizzeria&Restauracja Retro. We talked and laughed there until 9 pm.

Sunday (30th Sept): On the next day we also had to get up early because we dapartured to Warsaw at 9 o´ clock in the morning. First we had a guided english tour through the National Stadium until 1 pm where we’ve learnt a lot about the size of the stadium, the costs and the national team of Poland.

Besides that we saw the VIP Lounge, the changing rooms and of course the journalist’s room.

After a 20 minutes break we enjoyed a bus tour through Warsaw and then we drove to the centre of the old Town. There we also had a tour guide and free time to shop and ate something aswell.

Monday (1st Oct): Monday was the day we finally visited the school. The polish school has about 450 students and is a lot smaller and older than ours in Germany. At 9 am we had to be at school where we gathered in the classroom.There all nations presented their schools. Then one of the swedish teachers gave a presentation about the Olympic Games and games in general. After that we had the chance to work on our prepared game ideas for our Olympic Games. At 3pm we went to a restaurant where we ate traditional Polish dishes. Afterwards the polish students drove with the other students to the city Plock. There we took pictures, talked to each other, went for a walk and visited the little city.

Tuesday (2nd Oct): A two-day trip to Krakow and Zakopane

In the morning we met at the assembly point and left for a two day trip to Krakow and Zakopane. When we arrived Krakow an English-speaking-guide led us through the city where we saw the Old Market Square. After that we checked in in the hotel and had lunch in the afternoon. Later we worked on our games again and then the polish students showed us traditional polish dance accompanied by live polish folk music.

Wednesday (3rd Oct): After our check out, we got ready for departure to Zakopane. When we arrived in Zakopane a lot of us students dared to go up to see the famous Zakopane ski jump. After that all students and the teachers did a trip by cable railway to Gubalowka Mountain where we took many pictures. The view was beautiful and clear, so you cold look down to the small town and see the mountains.

Thursday (4th Oct): On the last day we had to drive very early to the assembly point, where we were taken to the airport in Warsaw by a special shuttle service. That was the moment we had to say goodbye to our host families.

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