Creating rules and game instructions!

Meeting in Uppsala, Sweden

The next stage of the project will be the development of first game concepts, rules and manuals.


During the meeting in Uppsala, the focus was on developing the game ideas from the Gostynin meeting into actual games. There were many things to consider. What sort of games do we want to make? Board games? Athletic games or computer games? How can we make them so that the spirit of the Olympic Games becomes part of the game structure? How do we make sure that the values respect, fair play and inclusion is built into our games? How simple or advanced should we make the games so that they will appeal to 12 year old's who are the future players of these games? This was also the time to develop the first game concepts, rules and manuals.

At the Stockholm Technical museum we found an activity that could give us som inspiration for the coming work. We took an afternoon at a workshop called ”Rescue Mission - an excercise  in problem solving and co-operation”. (See picture). Here, the student were put into groups and each group had to find the best way to rescue the Lego people in distress using only the supplied materials like straws, tape, wooden poles etc. The groups had to come up with a rescue plan by cooperating, communicating and using their imagination. 

The museum also had the exhibition ”Play beyond Play” which showed the latest development in computer games and imaginative game environments. This was really perfect for us and a great stroke of luck that it was open during this particular week of the Uppsala Erasmus meeting.

tech museum Stockholm.jpg

Next up was a trip on a ship through the Stockholm Archipelago. On board we had a chance to sample some of the typical Swedish food from the ships smörgåsbord whole enjoying the view over the  islands as the ship made its way through the Stockholm waterways.Of course we also had a work session with game discussions following the inspirational input from the museum. 

This time the student were organized into groups with one student from each country to encourage communication across national boarders.

The students had plenty of opportunity to get to know each other during the 24 hour journey.

Back in Uppsala, the work continued on the games. Now it was time for a presentation of the game ideas from each of the participating schools. The ideas were many and varied. We could all feel quite confident that we had more than enough good ideas to take us another step closer to our own Olympic Games of Respect in Germany in a years time.

The last day of the meeting ended with a farewell dinner party with Pizza och Karaoke. Everyone looked forward to meeting again in Italy in the autumn to se each other again and  seeing how the games developed from vague ideas to actual playable games.



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