Getting to know the Games
The Olympic Idea

Meeting in Gostynin, Poland

During the first meeting the pupils get an overview of the Olympic ideal, its origin, and historical background. Furthermore, they develop criteria for a 'good' game.


Before the first visit to Poland, each school  had prepared information about  their school to get to know  one another better as well as information about the Olympic Games (history, key figures, places, political scandals and the most prominent athletes from each country).
In Poland, in the High School, German students presented Olympic Champions and stories connected with them. Polish students presented the political background and Olympic scandals. Italian students prepared a presentation about Olympics in ancient times. Swedish students prepared a presentation about Olympic places and stories.  Afterwards each group conducted a Kahoot quiz to check the students’ knowledge of the Olympic Games.  The quiz was based on the previously presented information in front of the whole project group. The meetings took place in the school premises. Moreover, because the theme of this project is "Olympic Games - playing for respect",  the idea of sporting Olympics and fair play was introduced during the integration trips  in Poland. Thus, the project students visited the most important Polish cities.  They saw some  sports facilities such as the National Stadium in Warsaw and the Great Rafter and the ski jump in Zakopane. While visiting the sports facilities they could feel sports atmosphere and learn more sports facts. They had a chance to broaden their minds as far as Olympic facts and champions are concerned. Within these activities we held classes concerning Olympic spirit, fair play, the history of Olympic Games. There were lectures in which students got guidelines how to create and develop  understandable instructions for games as well as playable games. The emphasis was put on involving into the games students with various skills including disabled students.




The meeting itinerary

History of the Olympic Games

A student presentation held about the history of the Olympic games

Scandals of the Olympic games

A presentation held regarding the scandals of the Olympic games

Bad sportsmanship

A presentation held regarding bad sportsmanship

Games - A small primer

A presentation held regarding what makes a game, and some general concepts for game creation