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Meeting in Italy

The single games get produced, reviewed and combined to a set of games for the Olympic Games.


After the experience lived in Sweden where all the opinions about the games were collected, in Italy the students perfected the games made by creating the material for the board games and trying the games to be played in the gym.
The focus was now on actually trying out and finally evaluating the individual games. All prepared results of the individual countries, i.e. the prototypes of the games, were tried out over a longer period of time. They were critically reflected on with regard to practicability and target efficiency with regard to our previously developed criteria.


On this basis, the students were then given the opportunity to revise their game concepts together and determine which "set of games" will ultimately be used to hold the Olympic Games in Germany. Appropriate specialists were available to you in the form of teachers from areas such as sports, IT or languages. The result of this meeting are fully developed and realized cooperative individual games (material, game instructions, ...) which promote the social integration of all

Playing children and young people, as well as a rough concept with a schedule for the "Olympic Games" in the next meeting for respect ". As there were many good games, there will be 2 Olympiads. One for the game developers and one for the younger students.


The week in Italy also included a trip to the cities of Verona and Venice.
In preparation for the final meeting, the project classes are now working on individual aspects of the "Olympic Games for Respect" and PR work (inviting media representatives, writing articles, completing the image film, etc.). The games are brought to Germany in 4 copies so that all nations can take all the games with them in the end.



Welcome poster for the meeting



The schedule of the meeting in Italy

Article - Germany

Press article about the meeting